Some Home Improvements

by the Peters' Family

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The really big addition was a hot tub which was given to us last year. We expanded our deck adding another level. The old deck is to the right and you can see the stairs coming down from that deck onto the deck with the hot tub.

In the front yard, the area under the trees has been re-done with a number of new plants. The old Kwanzan cherry tree had developed some serious trouble so it was removed and replaced with the Crepe Myrtle.

As you come up the walk toward the front steps, the area to the left of the walkway has been re-done. It was grass but now it's mulched with a number of plants. It should be much easier to take care of since it no longer requires mowing.

A stone walkway leads to the garage cans (on the right) and up under the deck. Our ailing trumpet vine was replaced by a Carolina jasmine that will climb the trellis on the left. Several new bushes were put in front of the fence in the foreground.

In preparation for our September vacation to Townsend, TN, the dog had a bath. Standing at the top of the stairs on the back deck, Dakota looks wild with sparkling clean fur that really makes her look bigger.

Last modified 09/03/00